Privacy Notice

Knowing that all our customers list information security as the first importance, we have created a safe and pleasant buying environment. This statement involves most issues of privacy protection, and we believe it will answer most of your question.
First of all, let's make clear that all our promises are made the the ground that there is no legal activity in our business. Our company are bound by the laws of either country. And if there is anything harmful to other people and the society, this statement is rendered obsolete.

Second, we do give many guarantees our customers:

•Under on condition will we sell or give your information to the third party, nor do we use them outside the occasions we claim they will be used
•We ourselves only use some of your information to market research, but only within the scope of our site, and we never use your information to send you junk mail or spam message.
•We tried more to lower the risk of information leakage,take the transportation company for example, although we do not shoulder their responsibility, but to shrink the chance of information reveal to the minimum, we will sign special contract concerning information security with them before we give your personal contact to them. Besides, we will always couple with the best services on the market.
Thirdly, there are sometimes when we do not have any relevance to the privacy loss:

•Please do not share your account with others, we can not claim responsibility if the loss is caused by our customers
•Please choose a bank with better on-line money transaction services, this will safe you much trouble and increase the safety of our business, we are not responsible for the loss by the bank.
•Please damage the wrap with your information on it when you get the goods you order, neither we nor the transportation company take up the consequences if your information is stolen in this way.
One can never do enough in privacy protection, and we have committed to be the best on-line store which will not only provide the best product but also the most safe buying platform. Meanwhile we welcome any good advice on how you expect us to do.